Company history



M.B. Butterfield & Co

Butterfield’s is a family-owned and operated company, established in 1954 by Merv B Butterfield. In the beginning the company represented Hydreco Hydraulics and Frederick Duffield Hydraulic Hose and Fittings in Adelaide. In the late sixties Hydreco was bought out by the Clyde Apac group and our association with Hydreco was terminated.

It was most fortunate that at this time, a long time business associate brought an American gear pump into Australia. Because of the lack of quality in other items, to be manufactured in Melbourne, this company was ‘Commercial Hydraulics’. In the initial stage of our association with Commercial Hydraulics we performed the same as we did with Hydreco. only offering sales of the Commercial Hydraulics brand to original equipment manufacturers.

It was very early in the seventies that Mr Butterfield recognized a need to service all makes of hydraulic equipment, and to be able to repair the Commercial brand should the need arise. This was achieved by his son John to move from marine engineering to start the M.B Butterfield Co Pty/Ltd, Hydraulic Engineers.

Over the years we have gained extensive knowledge of a wide range of circuits and components through our own application engineering and fixing other peoples hydraulics.

Our knowledge encompasses areas like; Mining, Mobile Drilling, Mobile Cranes, Agriculture, Viticulture and Materials Handling.

Our clients come to us because of our company philosophy is: We will do it technically correct before price, but do it at an affordable price.