• Hydraulic cylinder repairs

    Our dedicated cylinder repair section can handle the repair of most sizes of  hydraulic cylinder  from seven meters long and fore hundred and fifty millimeters bore with weights up to six tonne. Married to this is our nut break out equipment that can develop forces up to fifteen thousand newton meters of torque.

    Our horizontal long bore hone and machine shop can repair most hydraulic cylinders in house without the need to send parts out, reducing the cost and lead time on repairs, chrome plating of piston rods being the exception.

    Cylinder are analysed as to their failure and if the failure is inherent in the design of the cylinder we shall advise and carry out modifications of the cylinder, if the fault is in the application then the client is advised of the problem and advise to carry out a remedy.

    All hydraulic cylinders repaired are cycle tested on our purpose built cylinder test bench to ensure the final product is tested to its full functionality with no leaks.






    We manufacture gear pumps and motors in house and with eleven series of gear pump components stocked we can manufacture a gear pump or motor so they are perfectly tailored to your needs.

    With an extensive range of stock on site we are able to manufacture, test and ship completed units within 24 hours from our Adelaide workshop.

    Our comprehensive knowledge of many other brands of gear pumps and motors we are able to identify units from other manufactures and match them to a product in our range. the  range as follows;

    Commercial Hydraulics, Parker, Permco, Figgi, Metaris, Cassapa, Hydreco, Hamworthy, Cessna, Ultra, Cross, Webster, David Brown, Uchida and special pumps manufactured to OEM specifications.


    The components used in the manufacture of our pump and motors in some instances may fit other brands of hydraulic units, please inquire if these parts are interchangeable with your pump or motor.


    Bearing pump/motor Specs

    Bushing pump/motor Specs

    Fan motor

    Fan motor

  • Radial Piston Motors

    South Australian service center for Kawasaki / Staffa radial piston motors.


    Sales and Service of other brands of radial piston motors which include;

    SAI, Calzoni/Parker, Bignozzi, Hagglunds/RexRoth

  • Vane Pumps/Motors

    South Australian service center for T.D.Z vane pumps and motors.

    T.D.Z pumps and motors are a physical and technical direct replacement as is the components in them for the following know brands;

    Vickers Vane pumps and motors and Denison Vane pumps and motors.


    We stock a wide range of G.P.M hydraulic pumps to direct mount to truck PTO's.

    Due to their cast semi steel construction and bronze thrust plates, the G.P.M truck pump has the ability to handle high duty pressure cycles, increase wear resistance and  higher system temperatures than aluminum pumps.

    Other features include;

    • A two piece design to aid pump stability under high pressure.
    • Proven bush journal bearing design.
    • All internal parts are interchangeable, drive shaft and mounting flanges only vary between models.
    • Working pressure to 300 Bar (reduced on larger displacement pumps)
    • Chelsea cloverleaf PTO mount pumps are available in the GP120 series. Seven sizes exist for the GP120, ranging from 16cc to 64cc


    PTO Technical Specifications



    With a large range of hoses and fittings in stock or available to us, we can assemble or supply new hoses with a short lead times to your sample or application.

    Using only high quality Gates Hoses and Childs Fittings our engineered hose assemblies perform above industry standard whilst still remaining at a competitive price.


    Gates GMV suction/return hose

    Gates G1 medium pressure hose

    Gates G2 product information

    Gates spiral guard

    Childs Field fit couplings

    Childs adapters

  • Piston pumps/MOTORS

    We repair and test hydraulic piston pumps and motors, this includes hydro-static transmissions ( HYDRO'S).

    Our extensive test facilities allows us to carry out exhaustive testing and fault finding of piston pumps and motors, this can be carried out in some cases prior to strip and repair. All units are tested after repair to ensure the units are fully functional prior to dispatch.

    Some of the units that we have serviced but not limited to are:

    Rexroth, Sundstrand, Eaton, Denison, Daikin/Sunstrand, Vickers, Parker, Hydreco, SouthCott, Webster, Cessna & Volvo.